Master Your Finances
(Without a
Master’s Degree).

What does your 401(k) actually do? Are you in a good enough financial spot to buy a house?
Is there any way to stop living paycheck to paycheck?

If you ask questions like this, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans experience these doubts and questions every day. But you can learn to manage your money and understand personal finance with the Go Money Podcast.

Financial expert and ace investor Syga Thomas invites you to turn up your headphones and tune in as he and finance-savvy guest speakers address all the money matters that keep you up at night.

“It’s Complicated” Shouldn’t Describe Your
Relationship with Money.

We get it: it’s hard to have a good relationship with finances if you’re not taught how! On the Go Money Podcast, you’ll get schooled on everything you should have been taught in school.

From budgeting basics to understanding the world of investment, Syga Thomas packages years of econ and finance experience into bite-sized lessons you can listen to on your morning commute, while making dinner, or while walking the dog.

Uncover How Your Financial Preferences Align with Your Goals.

There are three things that shape your mood without you knowing it:

  1. How you spend money
  2. Why you spend money
  3. How much money you can spend

When these three items are aligned with your financial goals and your lifestyle, life is bliss! But, more often than not, how we spend money, why we spend money, and our realistic budget don’t match up with our lifestyle and personal preferences. And that’s where most financial stress comes from.

On Go Money, we’ll teach you how to align your money habits, your lifestyle, and your goals so you can stop feeling at odds with your bank account. 

Goodbye, Get-Rich-Quick
Scams. Hello, Smart Investing.

It is possible to work from anywhere. It is possible to never work for anyone but yourself. It is possible to retire in your 40s or even 30s. And it’s all doable with smart investing.

Learn Syga’s tried-and-true personal finance tactics that helped him put over $1,000,000 (yes, that’s one million dollars) into personal savings by his early 30s. And we’re not talking get-rich-quick schemes—we’re talking real financial practices that can grow your wealth exponentially faster than leaving it in a generic savings account.

Crack the Money Code and Make
Your Money Work for You.

Why work for your money when you can make your money work for you? Master financial habits that keep you in the driver’s seat and reduce money-related stress. 

It’s time to develop a steady plan for your finances rather than dealing with the ups and downs of a fluctuating bank account. We’ll show you how to stay ahead of financial emergencies, future-proof your life, pay off debt, and invest wisely so you’re always ready for whatever lies ahead.

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