Sept. 21, 2022

Making a $40,000 mistake in a new business


You want to start a business, but also feel lost and paralysed? Michelle Blue just followed trial and error and ended up running a luxury fashion brand. Now, she is a coach and talk show host. She shares her whole journey in this episode and gives you an idea of where to start if you feel lost in starting your business. She talks about showing up, finding yourself, and being ok with making mistakes. 

“ I thought I was the things that I did and not just me and my being and my essence. And so it was a long process, a long relearning process of figuring out who was I standalone from anything that I created, from anything that I built.”

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What we discussed

  • (00:00) Who is Michelle Blue? OR Starting a business with trial and error in Ghana
  • (05:40) How she afforded to start a business 
  • (08:45) No perfect systems, just showing up
  • (10:44) $40,000 mistake OR Being cheated out of $40,000
  • (13:49) Existential crisis when running a business 
  • (18:18) Why the pain is worth it 
  • (19:30) Everything is sales OR Having no confidence to sell OR Learn from con artists?
  • (22:48) Pivoting from fashion design to coaching 
  • (24:55) Connect with Michelle Blue

Things to remember:

  1. There is no linear path for growing a business, no blueprint – the most crucial thing to do is to just show up. 
  1. Everything in business is sales. Sales isn’t just selling your product/service. It’s asking people for favors, it’s being able to connect with people, inspiring people, and driving them to take actions you want them to take. Everything works in your business because you are able to influence it work the way that it works – that is sales. 
  1. All the answers are within you, even if you look for them through horoscopes, mentors, or readings. You have to ask for what you want then show up for it.


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