Sept. 21, 2022

Working while living overseas


The pandemic has influenced ‘where’ people work. Especially Americans. While your counterparts travel the world breathing the air and waters they crave, do you still dream of sipping cocktails on a Mediterranean rooftop but shrink back by the demands of your job/career in the US? You don’t have to. Having lived in plenty of countries such as Pakistan, Korea, and Spain when working as a diplomat for the US government formerly, I’ve known first-hand how to make your temporary foreign country stay kick while still maintaining work + life in the US. And don’t worry; it’s not all passport stamps and language barriers. With a little planning and adaptability, you can have your croissant and eat it too (figuratively speaking, of course).

Prepare to trade in your cubicle for a beachside cabana on this episode of the Go Money podcast where I teach you the risk-free, stress-free, and uncertainty-free ways to make it happen. From the benefits of a time zone difference, challenges of navigating unfamiliar laws and regulations to maintaining connections and responsibilities at home, I’ve got you covered on everything you must know to feed your inner travel bug a safe and satisfying exploration experience. I’ll also fill you in on the endless rewards of living abroad, including the more known: experiencing new cultures and making unforgettable memories, and the lesser-known: financial gains.

Tablecloth Finance, your hub for all things financial, brings you this informative and adventurous episode. Tune in and take the first step towards making your global dreams a reality!

“ I thought I was the things that I did and not just me and my being and my essence. And so it was a long process, a long relearning process of figuring out who was I standalone from anything that I created, from anything that I built.”

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What we discussed

  • (01:26) My story: How I maintained my US house and work-life (for a decade) while living overseas
  • (03:40) COVID made the world smaller: How COVID forced people into taking advantages of their ONE precious life instead of letting it be all about work
  • (05:22) Foreigner-friendly (especially American-friendly) countries: Countries making it easier for foreigners to reside there by offering them the same quality of life as in the US
  • (07:48) Work-life anywhere: How your typical workday ANYWHERE could look like and why it doesn’t matter which country you’re in
  • (11:27) Maintain your life in the US: Why it’s important to maintain your life in the US while living abroad for a short time
  • (12:19) Maintain your work in the US: Why you shouldn’t leave your work and life in the US entirely
  • (13:18) Challenges to living abroad: The biggest hurdle to living abroad while maintaining life in the US: managing your house/condo/apartment
  • (14:08) Why Portugal is American-friendly: More and more people are considering moving to Portugal while receiving their paychecks in US dollars
  • (16:05) Financial benefits of living abroad: Increase your net worth and afford a better lifestyle with less money.
  • (16:52) The biggest challenges with living overseas
  • (18:09) Currency differences and their impact: How a currency change impacts your buying power tremendously
  • (20:40) The tax implications of living overseas
  • (21:23) Living overseas is entirely possible: Stop contemplating and confidently take your next step towards it

Things to remember:

1. Many companies today are giving you the benefit of working from your home or anywhere. You can choose a company that allows that advantage and work from a different country to satisfy your wanderlust soul.

2. Not a promotion for Portugal, but the country has made itself foreigner-friendly by offering friendly facilities and stay options for people from abroad. It is also much less expensive than many places in the US. You can save a lot of money by living in a different country like Portugal while enjoying the same (or better) benefits of your hometown.

3. Taking care of your home while living in a different country can seem like a challenge, but it isn’t as much of a hassle as it appears. Simply join a platform like AirBnb and rent it out. You can have it listed out in a matter of minutes and find the right person quickly enough.


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